About Us

NaviCaddie as a newly established brand, we bring together a wealth of experience and cutting-edge technology that our team has been amassing since 2012. Our strength lies in our pioneering innovations in the golf rangefinder industry, especially in the realm of high-precision golf course mapping technology.
Our team is comprised of seasoned industry experts with deep roots in electronic manufacturing and mobile communications, bolstered by extensive experience in technological research and development. These skilled professionals are the key to NaviCaddie’s rapid growth and innovation.
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Precision in Pursuit
More Than a Slogan, It’s Our Essence

“Precision in Pursuit” is more than just NaviCaddie’s slogan; it’s the soul of our brand, embodying our relentless pursuit of accuracy and innovation.

Our Mission

At NaviCaddie, we believe that technological innovation is the primary driving force behind industry advancement. Our vision is to use our expertise and technological edge to provide unique and precise experiences for both golf enthusiasts and professionals. Our goal extends beyond creating high-quality products; we aim to set new standards in the golf rangefinder industry.
As an emerging brand, NaviCaddie stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. Every step we take is dedicated to elevating the technological standards of the golfing world and enhancing the experience of its players. NaviCaddie is not just a brand name; it represents years of dedication and effort in technology and innovation by our team.
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